Computer Systems

Computer Systems (often known as ‘computers’) are basically machines that processes data. The whole idea of a computer system is to process data quickly and much more efficiently than us as humans.

How a computer system works…


A computer system is made up of two main parts. These are:


“The physical ‘stuff’ that makes up a computer system, such as the CPU, motherboard, monitor or printer”


“The programs and applications that a computer system runs, such as the Operating System, Word Processor or Video Games”

There are many different types of computer system that vary in size. This includes small devices like calculators and watches (e.g. Apple Watch), all the way up to large supercomputers that are used by banks or scientific applications (NASA).

Computer Systems can be either:

General Purpose

“designed to perform many tasks, e.g. PCs or Tablets”

Dedicated Systems

“designed for one particular function, e.g. controlling traffic lights or an aeroplane”